Anna Plotkin

Anna has over 25 years of experience as a lawyer working with entrepreneurs in a broad range of industries and circumstances, including significant experience in food and beverage retailing, product development and franchising.

As principal at Fortrade Lawyers, Anna will work with you and the Badalya team to determine and implement your business strategy, and to support yourcommercial activities.

Anna will help you to:

  • Formulate a strategy to protect and leverage your brand, process and other valuable intellectual
    property, through trade mark and other registrations, the right legal structure and analysis of
    your value stream.
  • Efficiently negotiate and document agreements with your key partners to help ensure you get
    what you expect, assisting you to build your vital relationships and avoid disputes. These include
    suppliers and customers, contract manufacturers and packers, distributors and freight forwarders, and extend to your co-owners to give clarity and certainty to your internal business arrangements.
  • Minimise tariffs and meet regulatory requirements wherever you conduct business.

Anna holds a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma in Corporations and Securities Law and Master of International Business, and brings a strong commercial focus to the table.

Anna Plotkin