David Messum is a winemaker, wine marketeer and presenter.

He is the winemaker at Born & Raised Wines, a wine brand that follows his love of Italian wine varieties and minimal intervention winemaking across Victoria’s unique vineyards. David has worked in vintages in New Zealand, working with brands such as Craggy Range, Pyramid Valley and Foxy’s Island, and has hunted out the winemaking secrets of Nebbiolo, his favourite variety, in its homeland Piedmont.

David is also the founder of wine, food and hospitality marketing and business consultancy, Just the Drop where he works with some of Australia’s most exciting wine and lifestyle brands and has seen articles published in Wine Business Magazine. Not content with making and marketing wine, he also talks about wine, as the wine guy on Fairfax Media and Virgin Australia’s What’s Cooking radio show, as well as hosting corporate tasting events and trade training programs. When not thinking about wine, you’ll find him out riding his bike.